Behind The Scenes

In this project, we are trying to use an AR to address the low latency of Edge Computing.

Let’s see what unique problems that’s waiting for us to solve along the process!

1. Set up teamwork mechanism: Discord, Google drive, daily meeting, advisor meeting, client meeting ...
Research on edge computing Wikipedia, Youtube Open Edge Computing Initiative...
We pitch all five game features to clients, and narrow down five idea to one, based on our scope, and technology...
OpenRTiST digest, exploration on OpenPose, Networking Scheme view, exploration on Gabriel platform, new game idea...
This week, we have made a major progress in edge computing ststem, here our network map to show the work flow...
Let's solve the last mile of the long exploration path - Unity-client!
Half is coming!
We have made major progress by merging the game with an edge system! 
We synthesised everything, and came up with our first demo.
We came back to the ETC building for our playtesting, and let's see what we learned from it.
We conducted a formal playtest in ETC, and quickly adapted our game based on our playtest feedback.
We implemented iterated design, and continuous implemented our server.
Reflection from soft opening, and plan for the last two weeks.
We managed to improve the resolution of the game play image one week before the final!