Alterea Inc.

Alterea was founded on the philosophy of creating events where not only can people become part of the story, they can become the heroes. Our experiences integrate narratives and live actors with detail-rich backgrounds, creating entire worlds where the story changes every night depending on participant action. Our events are built to challenge and empower, getting people to step out of their shells, reawaken their imaginations, learn new things about themselves, and experience deep human connections.

Anahita Dalmia recently graduated with a B.A. in Narrative Studies at the University of Southern California. She is a two-time published author and co-founder of the company Alterea (yes it’s a play on “alternate reality”). Alterea ( creates large-scale experiences at the intersection of immersive theatre and interactive gaming, allowing participants to enter a different world in which they have agency and impact within an unfolding story. In her ‘free’ time, you are equally likely to find Anahita at a Forbes conference or exploring secret underground tunnels.