Week 12

Lauren Zhang/ April 30, 2021

Apr. 19 – Apr. 23


This week, our front-end programmer spent some time addressing compatibility issues with Safari on mobile iOS devices, so the experience works on all platforms now, although continuous adjustments and testing needs to be done separately for these devices when new features are implemented.

We made some changes to the layout to better balance emphasis on biography and ring of pictures, removing the favorites section..

New layout and button styling changes

We also designed and implemented a “help” feature, which gives the user a map of the regions used by Birth Region and Current Region as well as an explanation of the ordering of the ring. This way, we have the information available for anyone who wants to know, but we don’t clutter up the interface too much.

Help overlay

Our backend programmer cropped the pictures in the tile cards (some pictures from The HistoryMakers database have rounded corners) and implemented the new designs for the style of the card.

Old tiles with uncropped pictures
Current tiles with cropped pictures

The last major feature added this week was a fade in and fade out animation, designed to bring the user’s attention to the changing information in a non-intrusive way. This is done to make the experience feel more responsive overall, and to address the fact that many people seem to want to click on the center tile for more information.

Added transition for biography text when person is changed
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