Shiwen Jiang portrait

Shiwen JiangUI/UX Designer

Hi, this is Shiwen Jiang. I am an experience designer with passion for both game industry and themed-park entertainment. Before coming to ETC, I studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. My knowledge of both design and technology helps me become a better designer…more

Anjali Shah portrait

Anjali ShahProducer, Experience Designer

Anjali Shah is a visual artist exploring the possibilities of storytelling at the intersection of art and technology. Experienced as a graphic and set designer, she is passionate about transforming materials and spaces in ways where they express innovations and stories. With her roots set in fine arts, her earlier works are a mix of mediums including poetry, illustration, installation, miniature modeling, video, animation, Hindustani classical music, and more. Currently pursuing a Master in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University her goal is to expand her creative spectrum into game and experience design…more

Siqi Wang portrait

Siqi WangProgrammer

Past ETC projects: VR Caring…more

Yue YuanUI/UX Designer

Yue is a UX/UI designer who is focus on research, interactive experiences and new technologies. She’s a designer by trade which makes she a firm believer that interactive should be an emotional experience that translates into a 360º story…more

Lauren Zhang portrait

Lauren ZhangArtist/Programmer

Lauren Zhang is an artist and programmer interested in working at the intersection of art and technology. At the ETC, she is diving into the 3D art pipeline from the technical art/direction perspective. Ultimately, her goal is to work on projects that explore experimental solutions and allow her to apply both her artistic and technical backgrounds. In her undergraduate education, Lauren studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, gaining a variety of academic and professional experience in rapidly prototyping of interactive media and tools…more


Mike Christel

Mike is interested in the development and evaluation of transformational games, especially in the areas of education and health care. Mike joined the ETC Faculty in 2008, moving from Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department where he was working at the intersection of speech recognition, image processing, and multimedia interface development and evaluation….more

Ralph Vituccio

Ralph Vituccio is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), as well as teaching in the IDeATe and the English Departments at CMU. At the ETC, Ralph lead a number of award-winning student interactive projects dealing with social issues such as an interactive graphic novel addressing sexual assault on college campus and a Virtual Reality interactive experience exploring racial profiling which was presented at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival….more