Condors: Week Eight

Week eight update:

Week eight is halves week for us – specifically this Thursday (3/7). We have been working full steam ahead on presenting our work to faculty and beyond – emphasizing the process we took to get here.

The link to our slides can be found here:

As well as the VOD of our presentation, which can be found here:

In addition to this presentation, we are currently planning for the upcoming spring break and GDC week – prioritizing feature backlogs. First on the list is to begin designing multiplayer experiences, exploring the interactions between teammates and opposing players. The current build we have is focused on a free-for-all mode with very little player interaction; this includes stealing, passing to teammates, other team play/strategy, which we want to boost all of in our next build.

Over the break we plan to build another prototype that begins to explore this. Work will be at a more relaxed pace, but we plan to test this build on Monday at the ETC, and Tuesday at GDC.