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The Jam-O-Drum device has gone through several iterations of design. Here are some considerations that have been a staple for all Jam-O-Drum devices, up to the current design.

A four-player device

Past devices had been built with three, six and twelve player stations. The ETC project group thought that a four-person device would offer more opportunity for team play while also creating a sociable intimate atmosphere for communication between players.

Accessible to all

It was decided that the height of the table surface should be low enough for users in the typical age range of visitors of the museum while still being comfortable for adult use. The height should also conform to universal design principles by being wheelchair accessible. A height of 34" was decided upon to meet those goals.


The tabletop would have to support four speakers mounted to or near it, while containing a subwoofer within its base. The speakers would have to have some kind of covering so that the projections would still appear on their surface. The base would have to be big enough to hold a subwoofer. It would also have to be visually covered yet acoustically transparent.

Visual appearance

In order to give the table a visual appeal, the project groups discussed various methods to design the table base and sides. Some of the ideas discussed include curved sides, use of internal lighting, plexiglass panels and other ideas intended to give the device a funky, yet inviting appearance. However, it was decided that the table itself was should focus of the experiences and 'keep it simple' in terms of design.