[Virtual Extended Sensory Palette] is an ETC team building an edutainment experience in virtual reality. 

We are a student pitch project for the Spring 2021 semester at CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center.

We passionately believe in granting real animal senses to humankind through VR. We strive to design an alluring expedition that entices our guests, while illuminating the unique ways that animals perceive and explore their environments.

We are developing a VR experience which will give you – the player – a deeper understanding of how some animal senses work, and a greater sense of empathy with these animals. You will perceive these senses through human counterparts made possible by VR, and will be tasked with completing objectives which require these senses. These objectives will take place in vastly different exciting and beautiful environments, where these animals live. The senses we are exploring are varied and unique, and we hope to showcase this – and inspire players to learn more – with our experience.

To begin, we plan on rapidly prototyping through a number of different animals and senses. During these prototypes, we will alter our method of locomotion and scale among other things, to try out many different ways of creating an environment to showcase and emphasize these animal senses. After creating a few of these prototypes and trying out things, we plan to focus in on a few of these prototypes and develop them further into one single experience which highlights the amazing senses which animals have and utilize.