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What is CivRep?

CivRep is a transformational civic learning RPG, where players roleplay as a city council member of a fictional city called CivCity. The game’s transformational goal is to create civically engaged citizens through the following steps.

de-Mystify Public Administration

By allowing the players to experience the legislative and decision making process in local governments, we help them understand public administration with more clarity and make the topic more approachable for all.

Introduce Civic Initiatives

Throughout the game, players will interact with citizens who are actively reaching out to their representatives in local government. By doing so, we hope to illustrate to the players how they could take such initiatives in real life as well.

Help Form and Articulate Positions

As the game progresses, the players will gather more research on the topic at hand. Game mechanics are designed to help players organize their thoughts, so that they can better form and articulate a position on the matter.


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