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Meeting on Tuesday

We had a brief meeting on Tuesday, both scrum and discussion of new puzzles. Here is what we talked about. – Xiao

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2014 Happy New Year



“Pillow Castle” wishes everyone Happy New Year! (…and some idioms very hard to translate)!


然后“枕头城堡”的雨溪画了一张马~ 敬祝农历马年快乐~

…and Yuxi draws a picture of horse and wishes happy new year~

Yuxi draws a horse~


Some great talks for indie folks

I was just browsing the IGDATaiwan youtube channel, and I found a few great talks for people starting out in indie game development.


The first one is by Alexander Bruce, creator and Antichamber.

The second one is by Andrew Wang, one of the programmers of SuperGiant Games.




All you ever wanted to know about Xiao Li but were afraid to ask…

What is your name?

Where were you born?

What is your history?

what’s a fun fact about yourself?

what music do you hate?

what english word do you love?

what is your secret skill?

what is your favorite game?

who would you want to have lunch with?

what color are your socks?

and now you know more about xiao. thanks Xiao!

he’s the best, nicest graphics programmer ever.