The Virtual World
The virtual environment is Chinese-themed. The Student and master practice Tai Chi in a pavilion overlooking a sparkling lake. Surrounding the lake are rock cliffs and soft mountains shrouded in mist. It is dusk. A full moon has risen into the dark blue sky in the East, but the orange glow of the setting sun can still be seen on the Western horizon.

The Guest Experience
Besides creating an appropriate virtual environment, the team will extend the Chinese theme to include the motion capture lab itself and all interaction with the guest. The goal is to create a peaceful environment conducive to concentration and the practice of Tai Chi.
experience design doc

Some ideas we've had include:
-playing traditional Chinese music
-using candles or other non-fluorescent lighting
-projecting images on wall during calibration
-hiding computer equipment from view

Currently guests receive continuous feedback on their performance by visually comparing the master and their own virtual representation. The team is conducting a formal experiment to determine what visualization techniques are most effective.
other feedback ideas

This implementation of the trainer will use a 'man behind the curtain' to change the experience based on the guest's verbal commands.
other user interface ideas


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