Project Description

This faculty-sponsored project uses a typical game pre-production cycle as a means by which the students can come to understand how an original game idea comes into existence in a video-game publishing environment. Ideally an experience for students wishing to become artists, designers, and producers, the final deliverable is a pitch document combined with a presentation simulating a situation where the team has been called into a publisher with the opportunity of securing a publishing deal. While an opportunity exists for programming students to build a demo of the game, it must be emphasized that for those such students, their opportunities for learning reside in the design side as opposed to diving in deeply to emerging technology or advanced coding. Neither of those are central to this project.

The final deliverable will be the

  • Pitch presentation
  • Design document
  • Portfolio of concept art
  • Sample character model and rig
  • Financial analysis of cost to bring this idea to market
  • Development schedule
  • Demographic analysis of customer base
  • Expected sales figures

The goal of the final deliverable would be to create a realistic pitch the goal of which would be to obtain funding.