Development Blog: Week 13

Week 13 is about softs with the entire faculty group, taking in their feedback and finalizing art, design and documentation. We want to package all our work into a detailed watertight parcel to make the onboarding process for the next team as hustle-free as possible.

The team was happy to find that the faculty group in general was quite interested in our game, or at least the prototype we have created so far. The most important issue to address before the final presentation is for the team to come up with a comprehensible storyboard for the core gameplay loop so that people with varying degrees of understanding of “platformer” games could all understand the gist of the project quickly. Addressing this issue will help us a lot in preparing for the final presentation and give everyone a better overview of the story and narrative.

Looking at design documentation, the GDD (game design document) has grown up to a 70-page encyclopedia where every potential problem imagabile has been answered. The idea is to paint a picture of the game as clearly as possible, and not leaving any space in terms of the core gameplay.

The team has also made much progress in finishing up our Art, along with final Environment Art and Model Sheets. All of them are available on the shared Google Drive to showcase the iteration process. This will allow the next team’s artists to quickly pick up where our artists left off.

Finally, every semester-long project is not complete without some serious introspection of the process. In the upcoming post-mortem, we will discuss the triumph as well as the hardships of our project, and where improvements could be made. Please look forward to it:)