Development Blog: Week 11

This week the team is focusing on the upcoming “soft” presentation. Whether the team would show progress with a traditional pitch presentation or in a surprisingly unique way; or whether we would simply go through our thought process are decisions that needed to be made.

On the design side of things, the team is almost done with a first draft of the GDD (game design document). Taking in feedback from our faculty advisors, the design team needs to include a clear and concise table of contents for the ease of perusing regardless of the audience/reader. The purpose of doing this is to give a clear overview of the project as well as an implication of what is included in the pre-production package. In addition to the inclusion of a table of contents, the GDD also needs to include a broader aspect of the project, including but not limited to: demographic analysis, art style, estimation of production timeline etc.

On the art side, the team has finished the modeling of the game’s protagonist, more concepts art for props that exist in the game world are coming in, as well as environment concept art that encapsulates the core feeling of the game. 

Looking into next week, the team will make sure that every aspect of the project is ready for scrutiny of “soft” presentation.