Hip Hop and CircleMaze have been exhibited for one year at the Zeum Art and Technology Center in San Francisco, CA. Zeum's mission is threefold - to provide hands-on, participatory environment for youth arts expression; to create opportunities for collaboration among young people, artists, and educators; and to integrate the arts into the classroom curriculum. The Jam-O-World was part of a museum-wide exhibit on gaming, opening from May 2001 through July 2002.

Circle Maze was exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2001's Emerging Technologies Venue. Circle Maze is an interactive musical game that encourages player communication through a shared audio-visual experience. CircleMaze combines novel input devices with real time computer graphic projections. Players participate in a collaborative game and make music at the same time.

The Jam-O-Drum was exhibited in SIGGRAPH 2000 Emerging Technologies Venue. It is a multi-player interactive music system that combines drumming and real-time computer graphics in a collaborative environment. Up to three players collaborate in a musical improvisation via velocity-sensitive input devices, while their performance is augmented with computer graphics imagery on a tabletop surface. See a quicktime interview with Tina Blaine at SIGGRAPH 2000.

The Jam-O-Drum is part of Seattle's Experience Music Project's permanent collection, in the heart of the SoundLab. Their mission is to celebrate and explore creativity and innovation as expressed through American popular music and exemplified by rock 'n' roll. The EMP is a one-of-a-kind music museum combining interactive and interpretive exhibits to tell the story of the creative, innovative and rebellious expression that defines American popular music. Featuring a world-class collection of artifacts, unique architecture by Frank O. Gehry, state-of-the-art technology, and exciting interactive presentations, EMP will encourage visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the power and joy of music in its many forms.